Tuesday, May 20, 2008

La Lunch Bag

At the risk of sounding shallow and somewhat perverted, I will share with you one of my pet peeves. In the name of eco-friendliness, you don't see as many plastic bags used by the retailers anymore. Plastic bags are not entirely gone but just not as common. You see the paper bags being used now. Abercrombie, Banana Republic, Holt Renfrew, you know the bags with the string handles.

Well, I don't mind knowing that you shop at Holt or Abercrombie. An image may pop in my head of you in a suit or a hoodie. No big deal. What irks me are the La Senza bags. Sure when an attractive woman is carrying one, imagery is a good thing. I rather enjoy it (that's the pervy part). But when its a less than attractive woman carrying these bags, it's not pleasant imagery (that's the shallow part).

Yes, shop at La Senza. Carry your wares home, but it seems women love to re-use the La Senza bags to transport everyday items - their lunch, magazines or whatever. It just bothers me to, on more than a regular basis, have images of unattractive women in various states of undress.

I'm not saying I'm an attractive man but I don't think women would want me to advertise my fruit of the looms either.

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