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Monday, July 28, 2008

List of Unusual Names

If you are ever get caught in a bind and need to come up with a fake name, here is a list of unusual names:

List of unusual personal names

A few notables:

  • Espn - The name of two boys from Michigan and Texas, named for the popular cable sports channel ESPN
  • Optimus Prime. A member of the United States National Guard which legally changed his name to one of a Transformers character
  • Number 16 Bus Shelter - Registered name of a child in New Zealand
  • Dick Assman - Canadian service station owner whose name propelled him to international celebrity status in 1995.
  • Seymour Cocks - British politician
  • Dick Seaman - early British Grand Prix racing star
  • Rusty Kuntz - baseball player

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Girls' Names

For those of you who are expecting a baby girl or recently had a baby girl, did you find it difficult to pick a decent name for your baby? Any name you pick seems to sound like a stripper name. Names like Britney, Brianna, Pamela, Kylie, Tori, or Victoria all sound like a girl head-lining at the local strip bar . If you do find a name that does not sound like a stripper name, then it seems that the name sounds like one's great aunt. I would picture a very old aunt rocking in her rocking chair when given the name Agatha, Agnus, Bertha, or Helga. So stripper name or great aunt, what name are you leaning towards? Or maybe we should follow the Chinese and make up names like Samanfar or Smacker!