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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Not a square to spare

What is the correct way to hang the toilet paper? Over or under? I have always done it over, and it looks like the people at Current Configuration agrees.

Essential Life Lesson #1: Over is Right, Under is Wrong

Monday, March 17, 2008

Can you spare a square?

One of the reasons I flat out refuse to use toilets or perform a #2 at a public place is the common phenomenon known as the shit explosion. You go into a stall, open the door and hope you don’t find a bubbling mess of shit fragments strewn together with toilet paper and peppered with urine on the seat. How shit ends up on the ceiling and adjacent stall is simply beyond comprehension. I mean what do these people eat that causes such a violent reaction of the anus that it expels shit with the force of a 50 ton denotation of tnt? Is it an Orange Julius hot dog followed by a Cinnabon or a hearty helping of Curry In a Hurry with extra chutney that does the damage? Obviously some malls in Vancouver are better than others but in the ones I frequent Metrotown, Pacific and Richmond Center, at least 70% of the toilets are deemed unsuitable for public sitting. People, if you’re experiencing dysentery of the bowels that bad you better keep, for lack of a better word that shit at home.