Thursday, April 10, 2008

Plastic Wrapped Furniture

What is it about Chinese people that they feel the need to wrap everything in plastic?
We buy things that are wrapped in plastic and cardboard only to take them out and rewrap them in more plastic? It all seems counter intuitive to me. Century year old egg, thousand year old monkey brain, ginseng candy from the Ming Dynasty, okay I get it, we love old things. So you take one great love of old things sprinkled with an element of preservation to the equation and voila, you get plastic wrapped remote controls and furniture. So 20 years from now you’ll have a beautiful floral patterned couch that is practically brand new, only it’s old, 2 decades old. Maybe it’s meant to be passed down to the next generation much like a wedding dress or ring? Come to think of it, I’ve love for one of my sons to have that 200 watt Citizen microwave one day. Now if only I can find more plastic wrap….

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