Tuesday, September 16, 2008

National Do Not Eat List

In honour of the upcoming National Do Not Call List coming into effect on September 30, 2008 here in Canada; and in my stomache's protest to the restaurant I just frequented, I gotta say, we need a National Do Not Eat List.

What is a working man to do for lunch these days? I feel like sushi but what they have downtown, for the working crowd is just gross. Sushi has been bastardized by all you can eats and these little lunch combos offered up by every Asian nationality.

I keep boycotted them and moving on to others. They just continue to disappoint. So I'm going to start (hopefully, you'll follow), the National Do Not Eat List:

- Ichiban-Ya restaurant on Thurlow and Robson, Vancouver BC. Fish was gross and I'm trying to wash away the taste but my tea tastes like soap. Sushi should be pleasant, healthy...foul fish and soapy water - Bam! National Do Not Eat List.

Please feel free to add on the comments section!


Anonymous said...

I nominate Komi Sushi (Thurlow and Melville) for the do not eat list. Bad sushi and bad service

Anonymous said...

I nominate Komi Sushi - corner of thurlow and melville - to the do not eat list! Bad service and bad sushi!

Anonymous said...

Komi Sushi, Thurlow and Melville, Vancouver, BC:

I was having lunch. The bus-person cleans off the table beside us and places all the dirty dishes in a bus pan. Being called away for another duty, he simply puts the pan of dirty dishes right in the middle of the walkway. "Excuse me. Should you be leaving that there? Its not very safe", I ask. The bus person, looks at me. Gives me an agreeing nod and proceeds to put the dirty dishes behind my chair!