Thursday, June 19, 2008

50 Cents Value Name

50 Cent has been asked to change his name to 79 Cent by a US fast food chain. The 'In Da Club' rapper was challenged by Taco Bell to consider calling himself 79, 89 or 99 Cent to promote the restaurant's new value menu. Taco Bell have promised to donate $10,174 to a charity of the rapper's choice if he also agrees to stop at one of their outlets and rap his order at the drive-thru.
The eatery will also treat all the customers at the star's chosen restaurant to free meals. Taco Bell President and CEO Greg Creed said in a letter to the singer: "We know that you adopted the name 50 Cent years ago as a metaphor for change. We at Taco Bell are also huge advocates for change. We encourage you to 'Think Outside the Bun' and hope you accept our offer."

50 - real name Curtis Jackson - previously showed his love for fast food during a tour of the UK last year. The hip-hop star reportedly gave a rider to each British concert venue he visited, requesting a KFC chicken bucket served to him on fine china.

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