Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Gimme Five

With Tiger's most recent victory at the U.S. Open, all the sports talk shows were focused on the race to catch Jack's 18 majors or the fact he gutted through one of his most memorable wins while fighting an injured knee. Leave it to our own Rick Ball courtesy of Team 1040 to point out the one thing that Tiger has been unable to conquer in his storied career, his inability to deliver a proper high five with his caddie. It starts out with the right motion but near the middle it really looks as if they are going to miss which is followed a weird clutch and grab at the end. I never really thought about this until I watched some old footage of the fiver. I think the picture just about speaks for itself. Next time maybe they should stick to something less fancy like a fist pump a la Howie Mandel.

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