Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Allure of the Deal

What is it about a deal that makes people lose all semblance of rationality and buy something they normally wouldn’t? I had a friend who was willing to buy a Versace dress 2 sizes too big and hideous as hell for the chance to say I have a Versace dress. I mean it was 90% off but at $2000, it still would have cost her $200. Good price but red carpet material it wasn’t. We’ve all been guilty of buying something we never wanted simply because the deal was too good to pass up. Just recently I was boxing day shopping when I came across a stunning Armani jacket for $400, marked down from $1200 retail. Now I’ve always wanted to own an Armani anything so I tried it on. Wouldn’t you know it, it was a perfect fit. I stood in front of the mirror admiring myself and like Nicolas Cage in the family man thought “I don’t know why but this jacket makes me a better person.. When I got home I looked at my shoe rack and thought “Now which pair of $60 outlet shoes should I match with it”?

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