Monday, January 19, 2009

Joke of The Week

A city boy wanted to marry a country girl. She insists that he has to ask her father for her hand in marriage. So off he goes to their farm to ask her father.
"I want to marry your daughter."

"Well, my boy you will have to prove to me that you are a man worthy of my daughter."

"I'll do anything for my love," says the young man.

"You see that cow out in the pasture? Well, go screw it."

A little puzzled the boy says, "OK, anything for my love."

On his return of doing his deed, he asks, "Now can I marry your daughter?"

"Nope," says the father, "See that goat over yonder? Well, go screw it." Again the boy obliges.

A few minutes later he returns saying, "Now can I marry your daughter?"

"Nope. Not yet - just one more thing. See that pig in the sty? Well go do it, too." Once again he obliges and returns.

This time the farmer is amazed at seeing this boy doing these deeds just to marry his daughter. So the father finally tells the boy, "Now you can marry my daughter."

The boy replies, "Screw your daughter, how much you want for that pig?"

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