Friday, March 14, 2008

Wally's, I bid you farewell

Driving along Kingsway and Earles I approach a familiar site of my childhood, good ole Wally Burgers. In fact the black and yellow monstrosity of a sign is pretty hard to miss, looking like a prop rip off from a Roger Corman B movie. All kidding aside, on March 31, 2008, one of the last great institutions for great local burgers will officially close, making way for more concrete high rises. No more deluxe wagons, chuck wagons, onion rings or pogos. I can still remember my grade 4 teacher sending me over there during lunch for what she called “one of those greasy Wally burgers”. For me my memories of Wally’s run deeper than just a simple burger joint. It was my hangout, my hood, a place where I could play bad 80’s video games and kick back. I’m sure this is what Wally’s meant for a lot of kids that grew up there whether it be the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s. One of my wishes was to one day take my son there so we could both enjoy a meal together. Oh well I guess when he’s old enough, that frost bitten Deluxe wagon I’ve been saving for him will have to do.

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