Saturday, March 15, 2008

We get ripped off

Why is it that we as Canadians pay so much more for the exact same products? For example, the Weber Genesis E-320 BBQ sells for $960 at Sears Canada and $800 on "sale" at Home Depot Canada. But at Newegg in the states, it costs $600 delivered! What's going on here? Another example is the Kitchenaid Artisan KSM150WPSWH mixer. It's $450 at The Bay, but it's only $229 with free shipping at Amazon. To me, this is such a ripoff. I say it's worth it to buy from the states and either get it shipped to a friend near the border or just ship it to a postal outlet such as The Letter Carrier or TSB Shipping in Point Roberts, Washington. You don't need to notify them, just use their address as the shipping address. When you go down there, just pay $3 to pick up the item and you've just saved yourself a bundle. Of course with some US merchants, you cannot purchase from their websites if you do not have a credit card registered with a US address. With, you can use a Canadian address as the billing address. But not with Newegg; therefore, you need a good friend or relative in the states to help you purchase the item. But it's well worth the trouble to save so much.

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Bill said...

Someone has to pay for your "free" health care and all the other entitlements our Canadian cousins enjoy. You folks have taxes on your taxes!